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More Requests from Magalang Philippines

Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 00:02:20 -0400

Subject: Re: Update on Disaster Needs

It's good to hear from you.
As regards to your question,
1.the consignee could be the rotary club which will handle the distribution of the relief goods;

2. yes, pictures will be taken and e mailed back to you; and

3. the areas which were recently flooded, our area for one, Magalang, Pampanga and portions of Zambales, still needs water purification.

Rotary Club Magalang


FOLKS...We have to HELP! Just watch the You Tube link below!

Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 03:47:31 -0400

Subject: Re: Update on Disaster Needs

Dear Rtn. Ed Mattson,

Thank you for your email. In our province of Laguna all coastal towns were affected including our town Cabuyao. So I can only talk about the situation in our town of Cabuyao, Province of Laguna, Philippines.

Six (6) coastal barangays (villages) were submerged during the typhoons that hit us this month. More or less 10,000 families lives in these villages. About 2,500 families are still in the evacuation centers. So far we have been experiencing good weather for a few days now enabling the waters of the lake to recede slightly. However, there are areas still in chest-deep waters. Hence,residents of these areas still can not return to their own residences and are forced to stay in public elementary and national high schools.

By day the students uses the classrooms and by night its the evacuees turn to use the classrooms. This situation has affected the students' learning. Noting this situation, we got help from the Shelter Box Response Team organization. Our town of Cabuyao was allocated 22 shelter box and 12 shelter box tents, which are being taken cared of by the Rotary Club of Cabuyao Circles and Rotary Club of Cabuyao, respectively. We transfered some evacuees to these shelter boxes and tents to alleviate the situation in the school classrooms serving as temporary evacuation area. However these number of tents can only accomodate about 66 families.

Right now potable or clean drinking water is now being considered a major concern by almost everybody. Those in their respective homes but still submerged in knee deep waters and those in the evacuation centers including our two Shelter box camp rely on few deep well water pumps (manual). For the drinking needs of the infants and children they buy purified water. But only a few of these people are moneyed enough to buy the purified water hence, they rely purely on the deep well.

Our Rotary District 3820 has been designated benificiary of AquaBox, a water purifying contraption. But only a few were allocated to our District 3820, due to logistical constraint, which is one of the hardest hit by the floodings. Our Town of Cabuyao, thru our 2 RCs, may only get one AquaBox which is not enough. Therefore your donation of WaterBox will be most welcome.

1. Like with the Shelter Box and AquaBox the consignee should be our District 3820 Governor first and then they in turn distribute the waterboxes to the individual concerned rotary clubs who in turn strategically assign the units to a particular pre-determined area (most probably it will be placed on any of our two shelter box camps in case we are allocated only one unit).

2. We take the responsibility of taking the pictures or documenting the Rotary humanitarian activities and in sending the necessary thank yous and appreciation to donors.

3. As mentioned above, our priority are the two shelter box camps we put up. One in the village of Marinig and the other one in the village of Gulod, all of Cabuyao. If you can only allocate 1 waterbox to us then it is anyone of our clubs which may not recieve the AquaBox who eill be the beneficiary. However, if we can be allocated more, second in priority are the following villages with evacuation centers in schools, Bigaa Village, Butong Village, Marinig Village and Gulod Village.

4. Labeling in English is recommended.

The problem now is the new strong typhoon will be hitting just over our province and that will really like going back to the situation 3 weeks ago.

I hope I can be of much help to you in your planning.


Voltaire Uychutin
PresidentRotary Club of Cabuyao
District 3820


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 23:51:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Update on Disaster Needs

Dear Sir:

I am a doctor by profession and in the practice of alternative medicine.As cases of Leptospirosis is running high due to the floodings, it would be of great help to us if we can solicit an HBOT machine also known as HyperbaricOxygen Therapy chamber.
As the causitive agent of Leptospirosis is bacteria, studies have shown increasing
levels of oxygen prevents multiplication of bacteria thus helping in the arrest of the
bacteria while waiting for the anti-microbials to work on he patient. A used machine
is okay so long as it is working then we can start therapy for this patients that are
dying everyday.

I have forwarded your message about the waterbox kits to our Incumbentpresident and he will get back to you. Kindly address to me the issue aboutthe HBOTas I would like to make it a joint project with your club. I am theIPP of our club the Rotary Club of Makati Northwest. Thanks for the helpbeing extended. We look forward to having projects with you.


Dr. Lily Kho


The Rotary Club of Cabuyao and Rotary Club of Cabuyao Circle, having witnessed the devastation and destruction brought about by typhoon “Ondoy”, particularly in the shoreline Baranggays of Cabuyao, have jointly mobilized our resources and of our families, friends, and other generous Rotary Clubs of District 3820. We who heeded the urgent plea towards providing preliminary food relief to almost a thousand displaced families are presently staying in various evacuation centers in Cabuyao.

As of this time we have distributed over seven hundred (700) relief bags containing grocery items and dry clothes to the affected families. However, this initial and immediate effort is short of what is desperately needed. We realize that such a task is too big if we rely only on our capabilities and already tapped resources. Thus, we come to you with hope that together, we can be allies in helping our community back to its feet once again. Let us assist you in sending help to the victims of “Ondoy” in our community.

In order to provide immediate aide to those in the evacuation centers, our organization is gladly offering our services to bring and distribute your donations (easy to cook food, potable water and/or cash) along with the relief goods that we are continually packing for distribution. Also, we are looking at providing the most affected families who have lost their homes to attain transitional housing. This endeavor may be huge, but all together, we can make it happen. We will be glad to discuss with you other short-term and long term assistances and developmental programs for the victims of "Ondoy” at any time you can accommodate us. The need is urgent and our efforts are sincere. Let us take this chance to give back to our community.Thank you and we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with you.

Follow-up to original communication above

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 20:34:49 -0700
Subject: Fw: Update on Disaster Needs
Who will be the Consignee for shipments of WaterBoxes?
If you will consider our club to distribute to our community (pls.)
Relief can be address thru:
Pres. Flordeliza Castro-Ampatuan
Blk-40 Lot-29 Phase-1
San Lorenzo South Subd.,
Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines
Is someone available to take pictures and e-mail them back to us to further promote aid efforts and render "thank you's" to those who are helping"
YES, I can definitely do that.

What are the areas (cities/villages) which need water purification assistance?
In our district (3820) in the province of Laguna these are the affected towns
Sta. Cruz bay
Calamba City
Sta. Rosa Binan
San Pedro

Rotarians in each town are all vigilant on helping the affected families.

In what language do you want labeling printed (standard labeling is English)?English

Flordeliza lzl Castro-Ampatuan
PresidentRotary Club of Cabuyao Circle
District 3820Philippines

On Fri, 10/30/09, ampatuan lzl wrote:
From: ampatuan lzl
Subject: Re: Fw: Update on Disaster Needs
Date: Friday, October 30, 2009, 11:19 AM

Dear sir,


My name is Flordeliza lzl Castro-Ampatuan, currently president of Rotary Club of Cabuyao Circle from District 3820 Philippines, having witnessed the devastation and destruction brought about by typhoon “Ondoy” particularly in the shoreline Baranggays of Cabuyao, The Rotary Club of Cabuyao Circle and Rotary Club of Cabuyao have jointly mobilized our resources and of our families, friends, and other generous Rotary Clubs of District 3820 who heeded our urgent plea towards providing preliminary food relief to almost a thousand displaced families presently staying in various evacuation centers in Cabuyao.

As of this time we have distributed over five thousand (5,000) relief bags containing grocery items and dry clothes to the affected families. However, this initial and immediate effort is short of what is desperately needed. We realize that such a task is too big if we rely only on our capabilities and already tapped resources. Thus, we come to you with hope that together, we can be allies in helping our community back to its feet once again. Let us assist you in sending help to the victims of “Ondoy” in our community.

In order to provide immediate aide to those in the evacuation centers, MOST ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE IN OUR TENT CITY FROM SHELTERBOX wherein we are a recepient of 34 tents that house almost five hundred people composes of seventy five families. But there are still lots of families in the schools and in other evacuation areas which we cannot accommodate in our tent city due to limited available tents but we will gladly assist them in anyway that we can.

Our club is gladly offering our services to bring and distribute your donations (easy to cook food, potable water and/or cash) along with the relief goods that we are continually packing for distribution. Also, we are looking at providing the most affected families who have lost their homes to attain transitional housing. This endeavor may be huge, but all together, we can make it happen. We will be glad to discuss with you other short-term and long term assistances and developmental programs for the victims of "Ondoy” at any time you can accommodate us. We are now on the process of helping with the rehabilitation for the victims of the typhoon who lost everything.

The need is urgent and our efforts are sincere. Let us take this chance to give back to our community.

Flordeliza lzl Castro-Ampatuan
Rotary Club of Cabuyao Circle
District 3820Philippines

On Fri, 10/30/09, jose gil tolentino wrote:
From: jose gil tolentino
Subject: Fw: Update on Disaster Needs
To: "PDG Michael E. Lirio" , "PDG Michael Lirio" Cc: "DG Chit Lijauco" , "DGN Reynaldo H. Castillo" , "DGE Tato Dimayuga" , "Priscila dela Cruz"
Date: Friday, October 30, 2009, 10:31 AM

Good Morning PDG Mike

This email was received today and I am forwarding it to you for your proper evaluation and action as District Disaster Relief Chairman, D-3820.

I am

PP Gil Tolentino
District Public Relation Officer
Area2 RY 2009-2010
Rotary International District 3820
RC Downtown Batangas City


Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 14:59:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Update on Disaster Needs

RTN Ed Mattson PHF
Director, Humanitarian Network
Rotary Club of Mishawaka, IN-District 6540
Dear RTN ED,

It is heartwarming to know that fellow Rotarians from the different districts and countries
around the world have shown their concern by sending disaster relief aids of all kinds.

The recent typhoons "Ondoy" & "Pepeng" has rendered lots of our fellowmen homeless,
for some, the calamity was even much worse as it deprived then of their means of
livelihood while others were beset with deaths and or serious illness related to the disaster,
but more devastating is the hopelessness of facing tomorrow.

Rotary Club of Makati Legazpi took the lead as it joined hands with the different Rotary
Clubs of District 3830, other NGOs & Institution to extend assistance to alleviate them
from their sufferings and more importantly assist them to face the challenges towards
normalcy and life, to begin with, on a more sustained support program in the rehabilitation
/reconstruction of their lives as a person, as a family with self respect and dignity as a
human being.

So it is with great joy and relief that your offer to help was timely, as we expect another
strong typhoon "santi" to hit not only metro manila but also central & southern Luzon and
the Bicol region.....and their needs are continuing.

Here are the data on your needed update:

1) Consignee for shipments of WaterBoxes
Dr. Angelica R Abella ( cel +63.917.787.0827)
President, Rotary Club of Makati Legazpi, District 3830
2/f 11 West Bldg, # 11 West Capitol Drive
Bgy Kapitolyo, Pasig 1603, Philippines
Tel # +632.634.2950 / +632.381.8330
# 1 LPL Ave, Levitown Executive
Bgy Don Bosco, Paranaque city, Philippines
2) We will definitely send you pictures, as we document the
distribution to benificiaries, further we will send you reports of this activities.
3) Metro Manila, Laguna, Bulacan, Pangasinan, and the rest of Northern Luzon
4) English would be fine.

It is with gratefulness that we anticipate from the members of the Humanitarian Networks -
disaster relief aid of any kind.

Thank you.

Yours in rotary service,

Angel Abella
President, Rotary Club of Makati Legazpi,
District 3830, RY 09-10

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mwandi means a place of "plenty fish"

"Paula Winland"


You guys are wonderful.

We need help with finding volunteers as that is a big part of what we are about. Volunteering here is an amazing experience and any one of any age can do it. We offer volunteers a unique opportunity to get to know and live among the Lozi tribe of people who have kept their customs and traditions alive and respected for hundreds of years. Yes they are poor but you will find no beggers in our village, it is truly an African Village not a tourist destination and it's magic.We also offer medical personal, students etc. the opportunity to work in our 63 bed hosptial as well as going to the bush to remote villages for under 5 (yrs old) clinics and HIV/AIDS clinics. Everyone gets a day (or more if they like it) in out out patients department, as well as helping out in our 2 pre schools, one in the village and one at the Mission. Teachers are able to teach in our basic school (goes to grade 9), they are allowed to do as much as they feel comfortable with. We also send volunteers in to our home for the aged (Kandi Ana- means small village in Silozi) to help out there for a day or so.

Then naturally our main focus is in building huts for our orphans (part of what the volunteers pay us also goes to the materials for the house) It's a very rounded program. In addition we take them on a 4 night 5 day Botswana safari that is amazing we take them to a very comfortable bush camp (elephant sands - for 2 nights then to Kasane home to Chobe National Park where we give them a 3+ hr game drive and a 3 hr evening safari on the Chobe river. They also have 3 nights in Livingstone (Home of one of the 7 wonders of the world - Victoria Falls) Where there is every kind of activity you could want from white water rafting on the mighty Zambezi to Birding with Bob.

The volunteering aspect of what we do is important to us as we have seen many kids and adults leave us with a completley different out look on life and the village loves to have them. My problem is I don't kinow how to get the word out as my internet access is very limited where I am and I don't have the resourses to do the marketing. So yes we would love to have you help us with volunteers if you are able to do so. The web site has most of the information on it but I am always available for any additional information you or any one else needs. Much thanks for everything... we would love for any of you to come out!!!


Rotarian Paula
Paula And Dan Van Zyl
Mission Partners
United Church of Zambia
P.O. Box 61259
Livingstone Zambia

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reasons to sign-up now for the NETWORK

From: "Tagi Garbizu"



Good morning Ed:

I am a Rotarian with the Smithtown Rotary Club in District 7260 (SuffolkCounty, NY). Through Dr. Hrusi Parida we were able to obtain a donation fromthe Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY, of an ultrasoundmachine for a project that we have in collaboration with the Vitacura Clubin Chile and the Cusco Club in Peru, to help a farmers hospital in Cusco, Peru. Our Club picked up the machine from Middletown and now is in storage in Smithtown waiting for all the paperwork to be finished.

In the meantime, we started to get prices from trucking companies to get the machine ready for shipment, transport it to the airport and provide insurance, but the price is too high. As you can see at the bottom of this page, Hrusi suggested that I contactyou with this problem. I will appreciate if you would let me know if you can do anything to help us.

Thank you very much,

Tagi A. Garbizu, Architect
501 Route 111 - Suite 200
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel. 631-979-9397
Fax. 631-979-7432
Cel. 631-495-8911

The new NETWORK is having a GLOBAL EFFECT!

From: Dawit Getachew

Subject: RE: Humanitarian Network

To: "Melbana Seifu",
Cc: "salahdin Rtn",
"Teddy Abraham"

Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 8:51 AM

Dear Rotarian Ed Mattson,

I have obtained your address from the president of Addis Ababa Rotary Club, Rotarian Melbana Seifu. Indeed we need the Connectivity Network badly. During the previous rotary year we had been experiencing serious lack of funding and shortage of international partners. We intend to implement quite a number of projects this year and we shall no doubt need to to link with international partners. We can, therefore, confirm to you that we will very much be interested to be part of the Connectivity Network and recieve messages from you.

I am currently on a trip in Europe and will soon be proceeding to the USA for a couple of weeks. I should be back in Addis Ababa on 22 September 2009. I will, hopefully, be able to provide you with more specific needs of our club and the requirments for our projects. In the mean time I will register as a member of Connectivity Network. I am looking forward to working closely with you.

With thanks and best regards,

Dawit Getachew
Director, Service Projects
Addis Ababa Rotary Club

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rotary Club of Los Angeles, California

Recieved from Marc Leek,
President of the 500+ member
Rotary Club of Los Angeles, CA
August 21, 2009

Dear Ed,

Congrats on how you've put the new website together.
Brilliant idea. People like you should run Rotary.


For Heifer, here are my contacts.
MarcRichard Moore, RC of Frankfort
Home (765) 656-0340
Cell (765) 242-3879

Catherine Scott
Community Relations Coordinator
SW Regional Office 562-431-4849

Tony Woodell
Director of Regional
OperationsHeifer International

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Network is truly "Global"

Received 6:19 PM August 19, 2009

I have receive your mail I am interested in the Connectivity Network . I would like to have more information about the Network and awaiting a kind reply from you.
Yours in rotary service.

Mamadou Django TOUNKARABP
President club kati 2009/2010

Response from the Network 8:30 AM August 20, 2009


Ron White, our Rotarian Development Director will contact you shortly by Skype if you can kindly furnish us a telephone number. He can arrange a time when you have access to a computer, to physically walk you though the program and answer your questions. If you are looking for Club partners outside Mali, to help with a project, we can assist. We currently have 26 Rotarian projects going on in Mali which we have identified, and are working with Nu Africa Foundation and the Doumbai Medical Center to develop a "model village" concept. We do have some grant money allocated for this project and are currently helping to locate clubb wishing to partner in projects like this, both in Mali and elsewhere.

Yours in Rotary service,

Ed Mattson, PHF

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Humanitarian Network in Action!

E-mail exchanges...


"Elizabeth Kelly"

To: "ed mattson"


I spoke with Ron yesterday, he sent me the information needed for 501-c-3, do-it-yourself program with Legal Zoom

Thanks, you guys are awesome!!

Hopefully one day I will be able to really reach out to Rotary in a big way.

Rotary Club of Willingboro, NJ

On Tue, 8/18/09

From: Elizabeth Kelly <>

Subject: Rotary Info


Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 6:57 AM

Hi Ed,
I wanted to touch base with you again, to see if you can assist our club with developing a 50l-c-3. Our past president is interested. I am not sure, in fact I don't know what a 501c3 is used it is for. Perhaps you can guide me or tell be where to get this information. I will be speaking with Ron today. We are to continue our conversations on fundraising and how to cut cost for shipping containers to Dominican Republic. As you know, we have an orphanage there and each year we spend big bucks on shipping. Hope all is well with you and your wife.

Yours in Rotary,

Elizabeth Kelly
RC of Willingboro, NJ

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zone 31-32 Institute is Just Around the Corner

This is the NETWORK MATRIX which makes using the Humanitarian Network easy. All one has to do is simply click on a box and the matrix takes you through each step to an international project. Take a test drive at

Working with PDG-7230 Joe Clark and DGE-7230 George Camp we will be rolling out the new Humanitarian Network (or just Network, for short). With the additon of the new NETWORK MATRIX, a network member can set-up an international service project in very short order. The MATRIX will walk you through every step you need to take to do a major project. There are seven areas covering 36 steps that are easy to navigate:

Project Set-up
Project Country
Project Selection
NGO Partneres

There is so much help from "those who have been there before", it's going to be hard to screw up!" Just to give you an idea of how good this program is, some of the comments we've received are...

"'s about time we had this kind of resource. We need to put it to work for our Rotarian Action Group" PDG Ron Denham, Director, Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

"I encourage you to carry-on in the Jim Johannsen tradition (Hands Across the Sea program), and get it in the hands of all Rotarians" PRID, PDG-7170 Dr. Bill Cadwallader

"Man, do we need this program" PDG-5730 J.B. Roberts

"We want the first Virtual Project in our district" PDG-7230 Joe Camp

"We need to get you to come to our Zone Institute in Florida" PDG-6920 Kenan Kern

"This will be more valuable than grant money to most clubs!" PDG-7620 Rob Ketron

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amazing programs from our new Rotarian Civilian-Military project Initiative!

Check out the below correspondence from the Rotary Club of Trinidad-Tabago...

Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 1:06 PM

Prindle, Clinton J, LCDR (L)Subject: Beyond the Horizons (BTH)_Trinidad & Tobago

I want to express, sincere thanks to the SOUTHCOM, the wonderful opportunity for Rotary Clubs of Trinidad to be involve with this current mission. The integration with the Rotary Clubs have been fantastic. Lt. Col Dennis Freytes and his XO Major Wayne Guzman, have gone all out to ensure there was full integration with the Civic Community, Governments, and opened the doors to all, to partner and participate in this mission.

Col.Beliner is currently working with the MEDRETE for Cataract Surgery being conducted at the Mount Hope Medical Hospital. The visit by Gen.Chang lead to talks with our Government and key stakeholders to look at the alleviation of over 5000 back log cases cataract and other needs in Trinidad andTobago. Mission-International, Lead by Dr. Brian Luchington, advisor to our Prime Minister Office, is responsible for coordinating the US Team, document approvals, custom and excise, ministry of health approval etc. they put everything together for these programmes to run smoothly.

I am hoping that Rtn. Robert Ketron, and our Rotary International Team of EdMattson, Dr. Leigh Readdy and others, will work towards the alleviation of the 5000 cases of cataract and other corrective blindness for Trinidad and Tobago in the upcoming mission over the next 2 to 3 yrs. As per attached e-mails, Col. Berliner will like to get an idea of there sources, equipment, funding etc, that we can bring forward to make the mission a joint effort, "Working together as One for the People of Trindad and Tobago".

One goal is that the stategic partnership with Rotary District 7030 (which represents 13 countries in the Caribbean including Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana), and for Trindad to be an example nation to this Joint Partnership with SOUTHCOM and its Humanitarian Missions to the Caribbean. Currently the District Governor of Rotary District 7030 is from Trinidad, DG Ms. Astra Da Costa, to whom thise-mail is also copied. DG Astra, has given her support to the Partnership, so we hope to see this integration become stronger, with improved communications between all involved.

The contact here in Trindad via the US Embassy, is Chief Garrett Edmond. He has done a great job ensuring protocols are maintained and that there is integration of the local entities. As you know, Rotarians are people with resources and networking ability. They can make things happen. This economic turn-around strategic approach is for collaboration and partnership to serve, and to serve meaningfully, with the long term focus of our future, sustainable development and security to the region. Rotary as a non-political or secular entity can make a major difference in bringing the people of nations together to serve. I will be sending a complete report to Rotary International, Chairman for Humanitarian Service Rotary Action Group, Dr. Ed Mattson and will copy SOUTHCOM, through Rtn Dr. Leigh Readdy, for future reference, lessons learned, and recommendations.

RegardsDeoraj Beephan

CHAIRMAN, Civic Coordination Committee, US Army South PACCE Beyond the Horizon 2009Trinidad and Tobago.
Mobile: 868-680-6169
Fax: 868-221-7882
Member of Rotary InternationalnHumanitarian Service Rotary Action Group.
Past President 2008-2009, Rotary Club of Princes Town
Hi Ed,
I have to tell you that those mosquito patches you gave us when you spoke at the Highland Club really work. We have our Ribfest coming up in a few weeks and I would like to get some more of them. You mentioned that one of the pharmacies carries them, but I can’t remember which one. Would you refresh my memory?

I am looking forward to having you at our District 7210 conference next May.

Check out the RibFest at:

Yours in Rotary,

Steven E. Laubach, AGA Region 2
Rotary Club of Highland , NY
P.O. Box 723
Highland , NY 12528

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Operation Continuing Promise '09

Operation Continuing Promise '09
The hospital ship USNS Comfort is bringing medical,
dental and civic action programs to seven Caribbean,
Central and South American nations during this
four-month humanitarian and civic assistance
deployment. Continuing Promise offers training
for U.S. military personnel and partner nation
forces while providing valuable services to
communities in need. This is the fourth humanitarian-
focused naval deployment to the region in the past
three years designed to promote partnerships and

Continuing Promise 2009 services provided to date
(Missions in Colombia, Haiti, Dominican Republic,

Antigua & Barbuda, and Panama)

Patients treated: 56,000
Surgeries conducted: 981
Veterinary services: 26,000
Prescriptions filled: 72.438
(Are these guys good or what!)

Current Status:
USNS Comfort departed Colombia June 17 after conducting two-weeks of humanitarian missions in Tumaco. The ship's next stop is El Salvador. The Colombia mission followed stops in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Antigua & Barbuda and Panama.

Mission Details:
USNS Comfort departed Norfolk, Va. April 1, beginning a four-month deployment to Antigua, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Panama. Each visit is scheduled to last 10-12 days. The ship’s schedule may be adjusted if the ship is directed by the Dept. of Defense to support U.S. disaster relief operations following a natural disaster.

Continuing Promise 2009 is an annual humanitarian civic assistance operation supported by U.S. and international military medical personnel, U.S. government agencies, regional health ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and U.S. academic institutions. U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command and U.S. 4th Fleet (NAVSO/4th Fleet) are the main planning and coordination commands for the Continuing Promise mission.

This is the fourth such mission to the region since 2007 and is Comfort’s second (Comfort’s 2007 mission).

Comfort is operated and navigated by a crew of about 70 civil service mariners from the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command.

Embarked Medical Teams:
The medical/dental/veterinary crew includes about 650 medical professionals from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and U.S. Public Health Service, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other international partners. Canada, Chile, El Salvador, France, the Netherlands, and Nicaragua will also provide medical professionals for the mission.

Embarked Engineering Crew:
A team of about 20 Navy Seabees is supporting community construction and repair projects.

Medical /Dental services provided:
The primary focus of the medical teams is to provide a range of health care services ashore. On a case-by-case basis, select patients will receive certain medical or dental care on the ship.

The Continuing Promise teams will partner with local health care providers and community officials to provide free medical care to communities with limited access to medical treatment.

These services include general surgery, ophthalmologic surgery, basic medical evaluation and treatment, preventive medicine treatment, dental screenings and treatment, optometry screenings, eyewear distribution, veterinary services, and public health training (plus additional specialties as applicable). Follow-up treatments will be arranged with local medical professionals as part of the planning process.

Construction/engineering services provided
The civic action programs are designed to assist each participating nation in providing local communities with a wide range of construction capabilities and include building repairs and improvements, new small construction projects, utility system repairs and construction/ technical assistance, pier repair, drainage projects and trenching. Projects depend on host nation requests and Comfort’s capabilities.

Donations and Support:
Comfort will also deliver more than 300 pallets of donated aid (food, medical supplies) to selected nations. The donations were provided by a host of humanitarian relief organizations, including Rotary Clubs across the country, and will be handed over to established aid distribution officials ashore, so as not to disrupt local commerce.

The personnel involved in Continuing Promise will receive a wide array of training in how to plan and coordinate a broad spectrum of humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions. An important objective of this deployment is to capitalize on high-quality medical capabilities by taking these skills to places where they are needed and teaming up with host-nation medical and dental professionals. This opportunity is unique and will provide training opportunities and venues that are not easily simulated.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participating:
Rotarian Civilian-Military Project Iniative, Food for the Poor, International Aid, Latter Day Saints Ministries, Operation Smile and Project Hope, representatives from the University of California-San Diego Pre-Dental Society, University of Miami, and various in-country groups (medical student translators) are participating.

Additional donations of personnel and support will be provided by the Lions Club, Nour International Relief Aid Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Haitian Resource Development Foundation, Hugs Across America, The Wheelchair Foundation, Rabies Control Partnerships, Institute of the Americas, International Aid, Agua Viva, and Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation.

Partner nation support:
Military medical professionals from Antigua, Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Panama, the Netherlands, and Nicaragua are participating.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are Still Trying to Raise Money for Rotary Club Shipments

We continue trying to raise money to make four humanitarian aid shipments. Products are containerized and need to be shipped ASAP as lives are in our hands. If your club can help, please contact PDG 7620, Rob Ketron at (410) 952-8933...cell; (410) 464-2788.

Photos shown are Rotarians from D-7610 helping to inventory and then load containers for delivery to Romania, Moldova, and Samoa, on the loading dock at Paxton International, inSpringfield, VA. Because much of the inventory is date sensitive, we need to ship immediately. If your club has any funds available to help we would appreciate your participation with these multi-club and multi-district projects!

These projects are PARTNERSHIPS in the trueist sense of the word, and include DDF funds from District 6450 (Chicago area); 6690 (North Carolina); and District 6670 (Ohio); along with funding from Rotary Clubs in my district (6540-Indiana); Clubs in D-9920, as well as Clubs from Western Samoa.

All four projects have been in the final stages of completion for several months and include:
  • Romania Project: 22 pallets of new clothing from Christian Aid Ministries in Indiana, Food from Rotary Clubs in D-6540, and 10 pallets of medical supplies from D-6450 (Chicago). The medical supplies are for Womens and Childrens Hospital in Targu Mures; the food and clothing for orphanages in Western Romania.
  • Moldova: Complete Dental Office Suite donated to D-7690 (North Carolina) from the School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina; Four pallets of medical supplies donated by the medical supply warehouse in Florida; three pallets of new teddy bears and toys, from clubs in D-7690; a complete optical lab donated by Rotary Clubs in Kentucky and Texas via a donation from Texas Lyons; and a pallet of electronic equipment furnished by the North Carolina National Guard (State partner of Moldova under NGBIA State Partnership Program).
  • Samoa: Six pallets of medical supplies from D-7690; 7 dialysis machines from the Greensboro, NC Dialysis Center for the Rotary Health Clinic in Samoa; thirty-six hospital beds and infirmery furniture donated by Bellfountaine, OH Rotary (D-6670); one medical exam table and related supplies.
  • 2nd Container for Moldova: Neurological equipment and supplies from UCLA Medical Center from the remodeling program started three years ago. Equipment is destined for Women's and Children's Hospital in Chisinau, Moldova.

The culmination of these projects covers care for both women and children in areas of the world where basic medial care, food, and other health services are simply not available. By joining the partnership, with so many fellow Rotarians, the money could not have a greater "global impact" than this. The total estimated value of humanitarian aid relief container in these containers has been estimated at nearly $2.0 million. That's a lot of value for a combined $57,000 from all club and district donations.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rotarian Legends of the Game Bat for the Cure Prostate Cancer Program

Our partners and Advisory team is made up of the greatest names in sports and celebrities in their own right. All have had brushes with prostate cancer, either themselves or close family members. All are dedicated to find the cure and help those at risk by providing support for early detection:
  • DUSTY BAKER, Manager, Cincinnati Reds
  • DON BAYLOR, former Manager, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies
  • JOHNNY BLANCHARD, former New York Yankees catcher (in our memory)
  • JIM BOEHEIM, Men's Head Basketball Coach, Syracuse University
  • Dr. BOBBY BROWN, former American League President
  • JIM CALHOUN, Men's Head Basketball Coach, University of Connecticut
  • HARRY CARSON, Hall of Fame linebacker, New York Giants
  • JERRY COLANGELO, CEO, Phoenix Suns
  • BILLY DAVIS, JR., Singer, The Fifth Dimension
  • LEN DAWSON, Hall of Fame quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs
  • IVAN DE JESUS, Coach, Chicago Cubs
  • EDDIE EINHORN, Vice Chairman, Chicago White Sox
  • TOM FOLEY, Third Base Coach, Tampa Bay Ray
  • LAWRENCE FRANK, Head Coach, New Jersey Nets
  • RUSS GRANIK, former NBA Deputy Commissioner
  • TOM GRIEVE, former Texas Rangers outfielder
  • KEN GRIFFEY, former Cincinnati Reds outfielder
  • WILLIE HORTON, former Detroit Tigers outfielder
  • RUDY JARAMILLO, Hitting Coach, Texas Rangers
  • GEORGE KARL, Head Coach, Denver Nuggets
  • MARCEL LACHEMANN, Pitching Coach, Colorado Rockies organization
  • MARV LEVY, Hall of Fame Coach, Buffalo Bills
  • GEORGE LEWIS, Reporter, NBC-News
  • JIM LONBORG, former Boston Red Sox pitcher
  • DAVEY LOPES, first base coach, 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies
  • TOM MC CRAW, former Chicago White Sox first baseman
  • DRAYTON MC LANE, Owner, Houston Astros
  • DARRELL MILLER, Director, MLB Urban Youth Academy
  • JOE MORGAN, Hall of Fame second baseman, Cincinnati Reds
  • TONY MUSER, former Kansas City Royals manager
  • DON NELSON, Head Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • GRAIG NETTLES, former third baseman, New York Yankees
  • DON NEWCOMBE, former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher
  • PHIL NIEKRO, Hall of Fame pitcher, Atlanta Braves
  • MRS. ELAINE ORBACH, Widow of actor Jerry Orbach
  • ARNOLD PALMER, Golfing legend
  • FRANK ROBINSON, Hall of Fame outfielder, Baltimore Orioles
  • MEL STOTTLEMYRE, Pitching Coach, Seattle Mariners
  • BOB WATSON, Vice President, On-Field Operations, MLB
  • KEN WILLIAMS, General Manager, Chicago White Sox
  • DAVE WINFIELD, Hall of Fame outfielder, San Diego Padres
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, Anchor, CBS News Sunday Morning

We are looking for Rotarians interested in helping this great cause by working with Major and Minor League ball teams to provide prostate cancer treatment information and when the time comes, become volunteers to support prostate cancer screening working in conjunction with MLB and Ed Randall's Bat for the Cure Foundation. E-mail us for information at

In Memorium to whom this program is dedicated:
Jerry Orbach, Law and Order Actor
Johnny Blanchard, New York Yankees
Merv Griffin, TV Producer
Dan Fogelberg, Musician
Happy Hariston , Laker Basketball Player
Bill Flemming, Broadcaster
Herbie Mann, Musician
Jonny Kerr, Chicago Bulls Announcer
Lamar Hunt , Kansas City Chiefs Owner
Bill Bixby, Actor-Incredible Hulk
Telly Savalas, Actor-Kojak
Frank Zappa, Musician
Bobby Riggs, Tennis Star
Earl Woods

Ed Mattson's Speaking Schedule

To hear about "Rotary on an International Level", rated one of the best presentations on Rotary you'll ever hear, your club can schedule a program by sending an e-mail to or call 630.440.7912. For an informative BIO, references, etc, visit:

  • Rock Point, NY July 7 NOON
  • Southold, NY July 7 Dinner
  • North Shore East Norwich, NY July 8 Breakfast
  • Riverhead, NY July 8 NOON
  • Amityville, NY July 9 Breakfast
  • Pleasentville, NY July 9 NOON
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  • Feasterville, PA July 21 Breakfast
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  • Cairo, NY July 23 Dinner
  • Levittown-Fairless, PA July 28 Breakfast
  • Port Chester-Rye, NY July 28 NOON
  • Morris Town, NJ AM July 29 Breakfast
  • Morris Town, NJ July 29 NOON
  • West Reading-Wymissing, PA July 30 NOON

Rotarian Civilian-Military Initiative Program Underway

Following the success of last year's joint Rotarian-Military International Project Partnership with SOUTHCOM (US Military's Southern Command based in Florida), Operation Continuing Promise '09, got underway this month with its first stop in Haiti, and is no underway to the Dominican Republic. Fellow Rotarian, Dr. Leigh Readdy (from the Rotary Club of Northshore, WA, D-5030) is on board and continues to send updates about the mission's success about every other day. Dr. Readdy was joined by team members from other NGO's who are assisting military doctors, dentists, engineers, teachers, and others to provide humanitarian aid to countries along its scheduled pathway.

See: for the results of last years mission completed in December, and for a review of the progress so far...pretty impressive! Then check out the Comfort's Blog at and mark as a "favorite" Internet spot to get a play-by-play of all the action! A map showing the destinations of this important mission can be viewed at

To the clubs who have heard the program I present (move than 3000 and growing), you can now see why we simply had to take advantage of the military's offer to form this partnership with other NGOs (non-government organizations), and select units of the military, to take our support and good deeds to countries in need...its the Rotarian thing to do!

If you are just getting into our loop (Rotarian Civilian-Military Initiative), welcome aboard. We invite all to follow us in our service and to be advised missions such as Operation Continuing Promise '09, are just a prelude of the many missions we are working on via our taskforce of committed Past District Governors and Volunteers Rotarians. If you or your club and/district would like to support this important initiative both physically and financially, we would welcome that as well. Operation New Horizon and Operation Handclasp or currently being scheduled late in the year. Why not let us bring your support, projects, and other resources into our family. Using partnerships like this will insure a successful program for your club and add valuable resources to these programs.

Ed Mattson's Rotarian World