Monday, August 24, 2009

Reasons to sign-up now for the NETWORK

From: "Tagi Garbizu"



Good morning Ed:

I am a Rotarian with the Smithtown Rotary Club in District 7260 (SuffolkCounty, NY). Through Dr. Hrusi Parida we were able to obtain a donation fromthe Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY, of an ultrasoundmachine for a project that we have in collaboration with the Vitacura Clubin Chile and the Cusco Club in Peru, to help a farmers hospital in Cusco, Peru. Our Club picked up the machine from Middletown and now is in storage in Smithtown waiting for all the paperwork to be finished.

In the meantime, we started to get prices from trucking companies to get the machine ready for shipment, transport it to the airport and provide insurance, but the price is too high. As you can see at the bottom of this page, Hrusi suggested that I contactyou with this problem. I will appreciate if you would let me know if you can do anything to help us.

Thank you very much,

Tagi A. Garbizu, Architect
501 Route 111 - Suite 200
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel. 631-979-9397
Fax. 631-979-7432
Cel. 631-495-8911

The new NETWORK is having a GLOBAL EFFECT!

From: Dawit Getachew

Subject: RE: Humanitarian Network

To: "Melbana Seifu",
Cc: "salahdin Rtn",
"Teddy Abraham"

Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 8:51 AM

Dear Rotarian Ed Mattson,

I have obtained your address from the president of Addis Ababa Rotary Club, Rotarian Melbana Seifu. Indeed we need the Connectivity Network badly. During the previous rotary year we had been experiencing serious lack of funding and shortage of international partners. We intend to implement quite a number of projects this year and we shall no doubt need to to link with international partners. We can, therefore, confirm to you that we will very much be interested to be part of the Connectivity Network and recieve messages from you.

I am currently on a trip in Europe and will soon be proceeding to the USA for a couple of weeks. I should be back in Addis Ababa on 22 September 2009. I will, hopefully, be able to provide you with more specific needs of our club and the requirments for our projects. In the mean time I will register as a member of Connectivity Network. I am looking forward to working closely with you.

With thanks and best regards,

Dawit Getachew
Director, Service Projects
Addis Ababa Rotary Club

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rotary Club of Los Angeles, California

Recieved from Marc Leek,
President of the 500+ member
Rotary Club of Los Angeles, CA
August 21, 2009

Dear Ed,

Congrats on how you've put the new website together.
Brilliant idea. People like you should run Rotary.


For Heifer, here are my contacts.
MarcRichard Moore, RC of Frankfort
Home (765) 656-0340
Cell (765) 242-3879

Catherine Scott
Community Relations Coordinator
SW Regional Office 562-431-4849

Tony Woodell
Director of Regional
OperationsHeifer International

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Network is truly "Global"

Received 6:19 PM August 19, 2009

I have receive your mail I am interested in the Connectivity Network . I would like to have more information about the Network and awaiting a kind reply from you.
Yours in rotary service.

Mamadou Django TOUNKARABP
President club kati 2009/2010

Response from the Network 8:30 AM August 20, 2009


Ron White, our Rotarian Development Director will contact you shortly by Skype if you can kindly furnish us a telephone number. He can arrange a time when you have access to a computer, to physically walk you though the program and answer your questions. If you are looking for Club partners outside Mali, to help with a project, we can assist. We currently have 26 Rotarian projects going on in Mali which we have identified, and are working with Nu Africa Foundation and the Doumbai Medical Center to develop a "model village" concept. We do have some grant money allocated for this project and are currently helping to locate clubb wishing to partner in projects like this, both in Mali and elsewhere.

Yours in Rotary service,

Ed Mattson, PHF

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Humanitarian Network in Action!

E-mail exchanges...


"Elizabeth Kelly"

To: "ed mattson"


I spoke with Ron yesterday, he sent me the information needed for 501-c-3, do-it-yourself program with Legal Zoom

Thanks, you guys are awesome!!

Hopefully one day I will be able to really reach out to Rotary in a big way.

Rotary Club of Willingboro, NJ

On Tue, 8/18/09

From: Elizabeth Kelly <>

Subject: Rotary Info


Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 6:57 AM

Hi Ed,
I wanted to touch base with you again, to see if you can assist our club with developing a 50l-c-3. Our past president is interested. I am not sure, in fact I don't know what a 501c3 is used it is for. Perhaps you can guide me or tell be where to get this information. I will be speaking with Ron today. We are to continue our conversations on fundraising and how to cut cost for shipping containers to Dominican Republic. As you know, we have an orphanage there and each year we spend big bucks on shipping. Hope all is well with you and your wife.

Yours in Rotary,

Elizabeth Kelly
RC of Willingboro, NJ

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zone 31-32 Institute is Just Around the Corner

This is the NETWORK MATRIX which makes using the Humanitarian Network easy. All one has to do is simply click on a box and the matrix takes you through each step to an international project. Take a test drive at

Working with PDG-7230 Joe Clark and DGE-7230 George Camp we will be rolling out the new Humanitarian Network (or just Network, for short). With the additon of the new NETWORK MATRIX, a network member can set-up an international service project in very short order. The MATRIX will walk you through every step you need to take to do a major project. There are seven areas covering 36 steps that are easy to navigate:

Project Set-up
Project Country
Project Selection
NGO Partneres

There is so much help from "those who have been there before", it's going to be hard to screw up!" Just to give you an idea of how good this program is, some of the comments we've received are...

"'s about time we had this kind of resource. We need to put it to work for our Rotarian Action Group" PDG Ron Denham, Director, Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

"I encourage you to carry-on in the Jim Johannsen tradition (Hands Across the Sea program), and get it in the hands of all Rotarians" PRID, PDG-7170 Dr. Bill Cadwallader

"Man, do we need this program" PDG-5730 J.B. Roberts

"We want the first Virtual Project in our district" PDG-7230 Joe Camp

"We need to get you to come to our Zone Institute in Florida" PDG-6920 Kenan Kern

"This will be more valuable than grant money to most clubs!" PDG-7620 Rob Ketron