Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mwandi means a place of "plenty fish"

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You guys are wonderful.

We need help with finding volunteers as that is a big part of what we are about. Volunteering here is an amazing experience and any one of any age can do it. We offer volunteers a unique opportunity to get to know and live among the Lozi tribe of people who have kept their customs and traditions alive and respected for hundreds of years. Yes they are poor but you will find no beggers in our village, it is truly an African Village not a tourist destination and it's magic.We also offer medical personal, students etc. the opportunity to work in our 63 bed hosptial as well as going to the bush to remote villages for under 5 (yrs old) clinics and HIV/AIDS clinics. Everyone gets a day (or more if they like it) in out out patients department, as well as helping out in our 2 pre schools, one in the village and one at the Mission. Teachers are able to teach in our basic school (goes to grade 9), they are allowed to do as much as they feel comfortable with. We also send volunteers in to our home for the aged (Kandi Ana- means small village in Silozi) to help out there for a day or so.

Then naturally our main focus is in building huts for our orphans (part of what the volunteers pay us also goes to the materials for the house) It's a very rounded program. In addition we take them on a 4 night 5 day Botswana safari that is amazing we take them to a very comfortable bush camp (elephant sands - wwwelephantsands.com) for 2 nights then to Kasane home to Chobe National Park where we give them a 3+ hr game drive and a 3 hr evening safari on the Chobe river. They also have 3 nights in Livingstone (Home of one of the 7 wonders of the world - Victoria Falls) Where there is every kind of activity you could want from white water rafting on the mighty Zambezi to Birding with Bob.

The volunteering aspect of what we do is important to us as we have seen many kids and adults leave us with a completley different out look on life and the village loves to have them. My problem is I don't kinow how to get the word out as my internet access is very limited where I am and I don't have the resourses to do the marketing. So yes we would love to have you help us with volunteers if you are able to do so. The web site has most of the information on it but I am always available for any additional information you or any one else needs. Much thanks for everything... we would love for any of you to come out!!!


Rotarian Paula
Paula And Dan Van Zyl
Mission Partners
United Church of Zambia
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