Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are Still Trying to Raise Money for Rotary Club Shipments

We continue trying to raise money to make four humanitarian aid shipments. Products are containerized and need to be shipped ASAP as lives are in our hands. If your club can help, please contact PDG 7620, Rob Ketron at (410) 952-8933...cell; (410) 464-2788.

Photos shown are Rotarians from D-7610 helping to inventory and then load containers for delivery to Romania, Moldova, and Samoa, on the loading dock at Paxton International, inSpringfield, VA. Because much of the inventory is date sensitive, we need to ship immediately. If your club has any funds available to help we would appreciate your participation with these multi-club and multi-district projects!

These projects are PARTNERSHIPS in the trueist sense of the word, and include DDF funds from District 6450 (Chicago area); 6690 (North Carolina); and District 6670 (Ohio); along with funding from Rotary Clubs in my district (6540-Indiana); Clubs in D-9920, as well as Clubs from Western Samoa.

All four projects have been in the final stages of completion for several months and include:
  • Romania Project: 22 pallets of new clothing from Christian Aid Ministries in Indiana, Food from Rotary Clubs in D-6540, and 10 pallets of medical supplies from D-6450 (Chicago). The medical supplies are for Womens and Childrens Hospital in Targu Mures; the food and clothing for orphanages in Western Romania.
  • Moldova: Complete Dental Office Suite donated to D-7690 (North Carolina) from the School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina; Four pallets of medical supplies donated by the medical supply warehouse in Florida; three pallets of new teddy bears and toys, from clubs in D-7690; a complete optical lab donated by Rotary Clubs in Kentucky and Texas via a donation from Texas Lyons; and a pallet of electronic equipment furnished by the North Carolina National Guard (State partner of Moldova under NGBIA State Partnership Program).
  • Samoa: Six pallets of medical supplies from D-7690; 7 dialysis machines from the Greensboro, NC Dialysis Center for the Rotary Health Clinic in Samoa; thirty-six hospital beds and infirmery furniture donated by Bellfountaine, OH Rotary (D-6670); one medical exam table and related supplies.
  • 2nd Container for Moldova: Neurological equipment and supplies from UCLA Medical Center from the remodeling program started three years ago. Equipment is destined for Women's and Children's Hospital in Chisinau, Moldova.

The culmination of these projects covers care for both women and children in areas of the world where basic medial care, food, and other health services are simply not available. By joining the partnership, with so many fellow Rotarians, the money could not have a greater "global impact" than this. The total estimated value of humanitarian aid relief container in these containers has been estimated at nearly $2.0 million. That's a lot of value for a combined $57,000 from all club and district donations.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rotarian Legends of the Game Bat for the Cure Prostate Cancer Program

Our partners and Advisory team is made up of the greatest names in sports and celebrities in their own right. All have had brushes with prostate cancer, either themselves or close family members. All are dedicated to find the cure and help those at risk by providing support for early detection:
  • DUSTY BAKER, Manager, Cincinnati Reds
  • DON BAYLOR, former Manager, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies
  • JOHNNY BLANCHARD, former New York Yankees catcher (in our memory)
  • JIM BOEHEIM, Men's Head Basketball Coach, Syracuse University
  • Dr. BOBBY BROWN, former American League President
  • JIM CALHOUN, Men's Head Basketball Coach, University of Connecticut
  • HARRY CARSON, Hall of Fame linebacker, New York Giants
  • JERRY COLANGELO, CEO, Phoenix Suns
  • BILLY DAVIS, JR., Singer, The Fifth Dimension
  • LEN DAWSON, Hall of Fame quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs
  • IVAN DE JESUS, Coach, Chicago Cubs
  • EDDIE EINHORN, Vice Chairman, Chicago White Sox
  • TOM FOLEY, Third Base Coach, Tampa Bay Ray
  • LAWRENCE FRANK, Head Coach, New Jersey Nets
  • RUSS GRANIK, former NBA Deputy Commissioner
  • TOM GRIEVE, former Texas Rangers outfielder
  • KEN GRIFFEY, former Cincinnati Reds outfielder
  • WILLIE HORTON, former Detroit Tigers outfielder
  • RUDY JARAMILLO, Hitting Coach, Texas Rangers
  • GEORGE KARL, Head Coach, Denver Nuggets
  • MARCEL LACHEMANN, Pitching Coach, Colorado Rockies organization
  • MARV LEVY, Hall of Fame Coach, Buffalo Bills
  • GEORGE LEWIS, Reporter, NBC-News
  • JIM LONBORG, former Boston Red Sox pitcher
  • DAVEY LOPES, first base coach, 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies
  • TOM MC CRAW, former Chicago White Sox first baseman
  • DRAYTON MC LANE, Owner, Houston Astros
  • DARRELL MILLER, Director, MLB Urban Youth Academy
  • JOE MORGAN, Hall of Fame second baseman, Cincinnati Reds
  • TONY MUSER, former Kansas City Royals manager
  • DON NELSON, Head Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • GRAIG NETTLES, former third baseman, New York Yankees
  • DON NEWCOMBE, former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher
  • PHIL NIEKRO, Hall of Fame pitcher, Atlanta Braves
  • MRS. ELAINE ORBACH, Widow of actor Jerry Orbach
  • ARNOLD PALMER, Golfing legend
  • FRANK ROBINSON, Hall of Fame outfielder, Baltimore Orioles
  • MEL STOTTLEMYRE, Pitching Coach, Seattle Mariners
  • BOB WATSON, Vice President, On-Field Operations, MLB
  • KEN WILLIAMS, General Manager, Chicago White Sox
  • DAVE WINFIELD, Hall of Fame outfielder, San Diego Padres
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, Anchor, CBS News Sunday Morning

We are looking for Rotarians interested in helping this great cause by working with Major and Minor League ball teams to provide prostate cancer treatment information and when the time comes, become volunteers to support prostate cancer screening working in conjunction with MLB and Ed Randall's Bat for the Cure Foundation. E-mail us for information at

In Memorium to whom this program is dedicated:
Jerry Orbach, Law and Order Actor
Johnny Blanchard, New York Yankees
Merv Griffin, TV Producer
Dan Fogelberg, Musician
Happy Hariston , Laker Basketball Player
Bill Flemming, Broadcaster
Herbie Mann, Musician
Jonny Kerr, Chicago Bulls Announcer
Lamar Hunt , Kansas City Chiefs Owner
Bill Bixby, Actor-Incredible Hulk
Telly Savalas, Actor-Kojak
Frank Zappa, Musician
Bobby Riggs, Tennis Star
Earl Woods

Ed Mattson's Speaking Schedule

To hear about "Rotary on an International Level", rated one of the best presentations on Rotary you'll ever hear, your club can schedule a program by sending an e-mail to or call 630.440.7912. For an informative BIO, references, etc, visit:

  • Rock Point, NY July 7 NOON
  • Southold, NY July 7 Dinner
  • North Shore East Norwich, NY July 8 Breakfast
  • Riverhead, NY July 8 NOON
  • Amityville, NY July 9 Breakfast
  • Pleasentville, NY July 9 NOON
  • Freeport, NY July 9 Dinner
  • New City, NY July 13 NOON
  • Catskills, NY July 14 NOON
  • Williston Park, NY July 15 Breakfast
  • Ossining, NY July 15 NOON
  • Ron Kon Komas, NY July 16 Breakfast
  • Fair Lawn, NJ July 16 NOON
  • Feasterville, PA July 21 Breakfast
  • Glen Riddle, PA July 21 NOON
  • Millbrook, NY July 22 NOON
  • Flushing, NY July 23 NOON
  • Cairo, NY July 23 Dinner
  • Levittown-Fairless, PA July 28 Breakfast
  • Port Chester-Rye, NY July 28 NOON
  • Morris Town, NJ AM July 29 Breakfast
  • Morris Town, NJ July 29 NOON
  • West Reading-Wymissing, PA July 30 NOON

Rotarian Civilian-Military Initiative Program Underway

Following the success of last year's joint Rotarian-Military International Project Partnership with SOUTHCOM (US Military's Southern Command based in Florida), Operation Continuing Promise '09, got underway this month with its first stop in Haiti, and is no underway to the Dominican Republic. Fellow Rotarian, Dr. Leigh Readdy (from the Rotary Club of Northshore, WA, D-5030) is on board and continues to send updates about the mission's success about every other day. Dr. Readdy was joined by team members from other NGO's who are assisting military doctors, dentists, engineers, teachers, and others to provide humanitarian aid to countries along its scheduled pathway.

See: for the results of last years mission completed in December, and for a review of the progress so far...pretty impressive! Then check out the Comfort's Blog at and mark as a "favorite" Internet spot to get a play-by-play of all the action! A map showing the destinations of this important mission can be viewed at

To the clubs who have heard the program I present (move than 3000 and growing), you can now see why we simply had to take advantage of the military's offer to form this partnership with other NGOs (non-government organizations), and select units of the military, to take our support and good deeds to countries in need...its the Rotarian thing to do!

If you are just getting into our loop (Rotarian Civilian-Military Initiative), welcome aboard. We invite all to follow us in our service and to be advised missions such as Operation Continuing Promise '09, are just a prelude of the many missions we are working on via our taskforce of committed Past District Governors and Volunteers Rotarians. If you or your club and/district would like to support this important initiative both physically and financially, we would welcome that as well. Operation New Horizon and Operation Handclasp or currently being scheduled late in the year. Why not let us bring your support, projects, and other resources into our family. Using partnerships like this will insure a successful program for your club and add valuable resources to these programs.

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