Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clarifying State Partnership Programs

"Miller, Todd MAJ NGWV"
To: "ed mattson"

Those engineering projects are a separate exercise (and funding) than what we have in (International Affairs) IA. Exercises are developed "in country" by the Embassy and host nation; resourced and funded by the Combatant Command. Many of these exercises have been "partnered" lately with the civilian organizations to equip the schools and supplement the building process...most units don't care where the materials come from so the assumption is made that the host nation government purchased the materials. Congress won't allow us to purchase books, desks, etc, so instead of just giving a shell of a building, the NGOs that we have started partnering with (that can’t build the building) fill the void of providing what is illegal for the US Government to provide. The only thing that we can do with IA money (when we get it) is hold it.

Subject Matter Expert Exchanges and Conferences for exchange of information only...NO TRAINING! I can introduce the right people and what they do outside the shadow of the US Government is on these fire trucks. This keeps the US Government out of things if they don't work out. I'll give you a call this afternoon...I'm working this weekend too.

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