Monday, March 29, 2010

Request from State Partnership in Moldova

From: U.S. Embassy - Moldova Update and Request from Chisinau Trauma hospital
Monday, March 29, 2010 7:07 AM
From: "Diana Danu", BAO Affairs

Former Prime Minister Greceanii has asked the U.S. Ambassador for two pieces of medical equipment for an emergency/trauma hospital. Chisinau does not have any medical facilities with the two following pieces of medical equipment for diagnosing and treating victims of severe trauma.

One item is an orthopedic table. The Embassy HP provided the attached link to an ortho equipment reseller in the US . You can see that the prices range from $2k to 17k (with a Rolls Royce $42,000k model also available).

Description: An Orthopedic Fracture Table is used for applying controlled flexion and traction to a patient's body. The table is divided at its mid-region into upper and lower platforms. A patient lying on the table is harnessed at the opposite ends of the fracture table, and pelvic straps on the lower platform keeps the patient's pelvic region secured to the lower platform. The patient's head or arms can be selectively harnessed at the head of the upper platform to place the patient's upper body in traction during lowering of the platforms.

The second item is a C-arm (X-ray Image Intensifier). The Embassy HP is working on getting prices for C-arms.

Description: A Mobile X-Ray Image Intensifier (XRII) is often referred to as a C-Arm or Fluoroscope. An XRII uses low intensity x-rays to produce a 'live' image feed which is displayed on a TV screen. It enables medical specialists to better diagnose injuries.

The Embassy made a request through the State Department for the equipment from military medical supplies in Germany . They were told that neither piece is currently available. Can you source and assist?

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