Monday, March 29, 2010

Reply from THE NETWORK

We are on top of this and we will have goods available for acquistion by noon today. Do we need to develop a fundraising program to pay for the product and get NGO's to help or are there funds currently available to acquire the units?

This AM we have a call scheduled for Project Handclasp over similar matters in a different State Partnership Program, but we will be discussing the next or even emergency shipping of goods to EUCOM countries. Additionally, with our strategic partner, Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation, we can probable airlift the equipment in very short order should you decide you want us to move forward. As we have a time difference of seven hours between the East Coast and Chisinau, please feel free to call us between 5AM-7PM EST today, once we send you details, or tomorrow.

NOTE: For those who don't know, Adm Jeremiah Denton Foundation is not the same as the Denton Foundation handled by USAID. The Denton Foundation split into two factions with the Jeremiah Denton Foundation becoming a strong supporter of The Humanitarian Network working with service clubs and faith-based groups. It is not "space available military transport", but uses regularly scheduled delivery flights.

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