Thursday, March 18, 2010

Request From NGBIA Headquarters

From: Jekielek, Krista M MAJ MIL NG NGB ARNG
cc: Wallace, Deirdre L Ms CIV NG NGB ARNG
Grommons, David Mr CTR US NG NGB ARNG
Sent: Wed Mar 17 10:54:09 2010
Subject: Haiti Support (UNCLASSIFIED)
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO
I am trying to get information regarding the Humanitarian Network and the assistance they can provide to the ARNG in support of the crisis in Haiti. I sat in on your presentation during the SPP conference in Atlanta, where I became aware of your organization and the services they provide. We are currently sending a National Guard unit to Haiti to assist in the crisis response. This unit requires computers, printers and software as they will be assisting with the rebuilding of infrastructure and need the correct programs in order to do this. As you are probably well aware, we are limited on funding, and so is the state.
Is it possible to get the humanitarian network to assist us in procuring this automation equipment? The intent would be to turn the equipment over to the Haitian's once our mission is complete. Please let me know if your organization is a feasible option, and I will talk to our JAG to ensure we are within legal government guidelines. Attached is a list of equipment they are requesting. If you cannot support a request this large, would you be able to provide partial assistance? Thanks in advance.

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